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Open Programmable Infrastructure Project: Members, Achievements and How to Get Involved

Jan 10, 2024 | Maemalynn Meanor

In 2023, the Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Project has continued to build on foundational work from the previous year, making significant progress in fostering a community-driven, standards-based open ecosystem for next-generation architectures based on data processing units (DPUs) and infrastructure processing units (IPUs). OPI's key objectives have evolved to include…

Disaggregated Storage using OPI and Marvell Octeon DPUs (Video)

Nov 30, 2023 | Maemalynn Meanor

A prominent trend in disaggregated storage is the use of Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabric (NVME-oF) and in particular, NVMe over TCP to connect storage devices over a network. But there is no straightforward to provide this storage to Virtual machines and containers. The hypervisor will still need to emulate…

An Introduction to the OPI Project (Video)

Nov 21, 2023 | Maemalynn Meanor

The Open Programmable Infrastructure Project is an open-source effort within the Linux Foundation to develop a standard API for utilizing SmartNICs, DPUs and IPUs, and other coprocessors or processing elements. It will allow users to provision and orchestrate all devices in the same way, thus allowing them to handle many…

How OPI Improves Portability of Cloud and Data Center Applications (Video)

Nov 13, 2023 | Maemalynn Meanor

Last month, Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Project's premier members Marvell Technology, F5 and Arm introduced the first-ever use case demo built on the OPI framework at OCP Global Summit. This demo paves the way for using the OPI framework to offload key infrastructure management services like security, load balancing, and…

Deploying DPUs at Scale (Video)

Nov 7, 2023 | Maemalynn Meanor

The 2023 OCP Global Summit, which took place in San Jose, California, on October 17-19, had more than 4,400 attendees from 891 organizations from 35 countries around the world. Industry leaders, researchers and pioneers from the open community engaged in a series of workshops and presentations that showcased emerging trends, complex…

OCP Global Summit 2023

Oct 13, 2023 | OPI Project

This originally ran on the Linux Foundation website. For more content like this, click here. Linux Foundation projects and communities, including the OPI Project, will be out in full force at the Open Compute Project’s OCP Global Summit, October 17-19, in San Jose, CA! As a fellow open source community…

OPI Project’s Use Case Working Group

Sep 27, 2023 | OPI Project

Written by Elad Blatt, Global Head Business Development Telco Networking at NVIDIA and Use Case WG Chair When the cloud revolution started, large enterprise like ISPs and retailers were mostly complacent and selected to sit on the fence. Some took a more active stance than others but even that was…

OPI’s Outreach Working Group

Sep 5, 2023 | Paul Pindell

Written by Paul Pindell, Chair of the OPI Working Group and Principal Architect for F5 The Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Outreach Working Group is focused on two major workstreams. The first is to make the project known and understood by the various communities that benefit from the work OPI project…

OPI Tutorial at SmartNIC Summit 23

Jun 28, 2023 | Paul Pindell

Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Project held a half-day tutorial during the SmartNIC Summit 23 pre-conference day in San Jose, CA on June 13th, 2023. We would like to first thank the SmartNIC Summit 23 (SNS23) organizing team for affording OPI the opportunity to showcase our open source project. The SNS23…

OPI Project at SNIA 2023

Jan 25, 2023 | OPI Project

At the recent SNIA event, a presentation on the Open Programmable Infrastructure Project was presented by Paul Pindell (F5), Boris Glimcher (Dell), Mark Sanders (Dell), Elad Blatt (Nvidia), Steven Royer (Red Hat) and Dr. Joseph L. White (Dell). See below for the link to the recording. You can view the slides here