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Open ecosystems for next generation architectures and frameworks

The objective of the Open Programmable Infrastructure Project is to foster a community-driven standards-based open ecosystem for next generation architectures and frameworks based on DPU/IPU-like technologies.


Latest News

OPI Project @ ONE Summit

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LF Networking has the largest set of open source networking projects in the world formed by a broad industry coalition with the goal of fostering a commercial-ready networking ecosystem that…

The Linux Foundation’s Open Programmable Infrastructure Project Announces New Lab for Testing

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The OPI Project will be at ONE Summit on April 29-May 1 to showcase new lab demos SAN FRANCISCO, California – April 29, 2024: The Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Project,…

F5 Interview with Marc Meunier

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What are DPUs? What does the Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Project do? Marc Meunier, Director of Ecosystem Development at Arm and OPI Governing Board member, chatted with Buu Lam, Community…

Working Groups

API and Behavioral Model

The API and Behavioral Model Working Group is focused on defining the object models for each of the components and services on the DPU; both host system facing and control/management facing.

Provisioning and Platform Management

The Provisioning and Platform Management Working Group is focused on building solutions for DPUs in the areas of Discovery & Provisioning, Inventory, Boot sequencing, Lifecycle & Updates, and Monitoring & Telemetry.

Developer Platform/PoC/Reference Architecture

The Dev Platform / PoC Working Group is focused on creating a developer / test platform which mimics the DPU devices so that applications can be run and tested without having to invest in hardware.

Use Case

The Use Case working group is focused on creating an open channel with end users and potential deployment partners to gather desired use cases and share the work being done by the working groups with the goal to get feedback from the end users and deployment partners.


The charter of the Outreach working group is where recruiting for additional project members, events coordination, vision discussions, and marketing related activities will take place.


Video Highlights


This is a demo of the OPI security API with strongSwan IPSEC running on a real DPU. It was presented during the API Work Group meeting on Feb, 2, 2023.

Cloud Networking APIs

During the December 15, 2022 API working group meeting, Mircea Dan Gheorghe demoed the latest functionality of the OPI APIs.

Introduction to the OPI (Open Programmable Infrastructure) Project

A new class of cloud and datacenter infrastructure is emerging into the marketplace.

What Is the Big Deal with the Open Programmable Infrastructure Project?

Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Project is a new project within the Linux Foundation, announced earlier this year.


Our Members

Thank you to our member companies for sponsoring the OPI Project. Premier members of the OPI Project are listed below.