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OPI Project’s Use Case Working Group

By September 27, 2023October 13th, 2023No Comments

Written by Elad Blatt, Global Head Business Development Telco Networking at NVIDIA and Use Case WG Chair

When the cloud revolution started, large enterprise like ISPs and retailers were mostly complacent and selected to sit on the fence. Some took a more active stance than others but even that was at a pace that they could support.

This allowed the CSPs to grow rapidly and take over the market as their DCs grew and evolved.   They created ‘guidelines’ for growth and innovation which include homegrown SW and HW, influencing HW makers, new architectures and best in class utilization.

Most tier 2 clouds, ISPs and Enterprise DCs do not have the privilege, resources or the focus to do the above alone and for many years created consortiums and advisories to try and combine forces and create technology that will help. Some were more successful than others.

We built Open Programmable Infrastructure (OPI) Project with the solution to the above in mind, a project that brings NFVi, VNF and HW OEMs together to build a platform for deployment partners to utilize while leveraging the knowhow from year of working with CSPs and DCs worldwide.

Leveraging our members, we can enable HW, SW and environments to bring an almost turn key solution which offers the great performance and utilization, adding the deployment partner’s unique use cases is the last missing piece.

At the Use Case Working Group, we invite Deployment Partners to share what they would like to see and give us feedback on work already in progress or completed, this helps us stay the course as we continue to build for the market an array of tools that democratize DPU/IPUs and the solutions you can leverage them for.

Multiple partners have already shared with us, and the work is in full swing around Storage, Security and K8 networking use cases. We are eager to hear more from partners as we add more use cases and collaborate with other groups such as SNIA and IOWN Global Forum to create a breadth of solutions which are deployable and yet customizable.

The next big step in compute is here, with the arrival of Gen AI and K8 everywhere. It is our goal to make DPU/IPUs easier to use and consume in order to help our deployment partners leapfrog into this new era.

If you’d like to join the Use Case Working Group, we meet every other Thursday at 10 am PT.  Or, join the use case conversation on slack here (#team-use-case).